Boris Johnson’s entire image as PM is that he’s the champion of the will of the British public standing up to a corrupt and self-serving Parliament that holds the opinions of the British public in contempt.

It’s building on the frustrations of people that politicians don’t care about them, and Boris has used that to cynically craft his image such that this unprecedented and disgusting prorogation of Parliament at a time of deep political and national crisis can be justified as himself trying to stop Parliament from suspending the democratic will of the electorate regarding Brexit.

It’s no coincidence that the people on my social media feeds that I’ve seen most praising Johnson are the exact people who even a year ago were openly saying they don’t vote because politicians are all the same and never listen to anyone.

It’s as obvious as it is fucking disgusting. There is no mandate for a No Deal Brexit, no matter what Johnson, Farage and their rich cronies have managed to convince people they actually voted for when they voted Leave.

Parliament’s job is to legislate in the wellbeing and best interest of the citizens of this country. Their job is not to be held hostage by the fanatical whims of a slim minority of extremists.


Every opposition MP: “Will the Prime Minister confirm that he will obey the law of the land and ask for an extension to Article 50 if he’s unable to negotiate a deal by October 19th?”

Every Tory MP: “Of course the government will obey the law, it’s dumb to even suggest that the Prime Minister would openly break the law.”

Boris Johnson: “I’m totally going to break the law because I don’t like it.”

And nobody is remotely surprised.


If you need proof that Boris Johnson and Brexit is turning the Tories into a narrow-minded gaggle of extremist lunatics who will gladly sacrifice everything on the sacred altar of No Deal, consider that a couple of years ago some of my friends on social media would have cut their dicks off before posting anything praising the Tories as they were staunch UKIP fans.

Now they’re all sharing every pro-No Deal or pro-Boris shitpost the Conservatives’ official page puts up.


Amidst the total shitshow of all of this I must admit I’m finding it quite satisfying to finally see the true desperation and panic that runs through the Tory party when en masse everyone else just stops playing their game in the slightest and openly tells them “actually just fuck you.”

The entitled born-to-rule posh gits just can’t handle the people they fundamentally view as their natural inferiors daring to properly stand up to them.

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